Objects-to-sense-with: Making tools for embodied spatial learning

Researcher: Athina Papadopoulou

This research focuses on the making of computational tools that increase our sensory interactions with spaces and objects. [more]

Making Things and Beyond

Researcher : Theodora Vardouli

How can “making” - construed broadly as a new attitude for looking at active and productive human engagements with the world - help rethink key concepts in design theory and design research? [more]
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Making Space

Researcher: Cagri Hakan Zaman

In this research, we explore how we sense, use and make spaces focusing on perceptual skills of human body in the diversity of environmental, cultural and social contexts it is situated. [more]

Algebras for Stuff | Grammars for Things

Researchers: Terry Knight and George Stiny

Making is Doing and Sensing with Stuff to make Things. We explore this view of Making through algebras and grammars. [more]

[I3] Imitation, Iteration and Improvisation | Human-Machine Making, an Embodied Interaction in Making and Learning

Researcher: Dina El-Zanfaly

With I3, Imitation, Iteration and Improvisation in making, the maker builds his or her sensory experience with judgment and dexterity. This involves the entire body, not just the visual sense and tactile perception and the coordination between them. As Wright describes it, it is form becoming feeling. [more]